I just signed the “National Marriage Boycott” pledge. A group of students at Stanford University began this movement with the simple idea that until everybody has the right to get married, neither will they. I too, feel that equal rights should be just that – equal rights. At the National Marriage Boycott, you can offer your support by signing the petition, creating a profile on their website, and ordering their “equality ring”.


If you are already married, not to worry. Married couples are signing the pledge to show support for their family and friends as well as wearing their equality ring in place of their wedding band or on another finger.


The National Marriage Boycott is a student-driven movement to urge Congress to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). DOMA states that the federal government may not treat same-sex relationships as marriages for any purposes, limiting the rights and scope of same-sex marriages in states that allow them.


Just like with any movement in which a minority group is oppressed, it takes valient members from the majority to step up and show their support in order for that movement to be successful. That’s what I did. Will you?


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