• Heart Centered Shamanic Healing (map)
  • 1836 Westlake Ave. N #202
  • Seattle, WA
  • USA

Aiki Communication: Taking Conversations to the Learning Edge

Hosted by Susan Borg

 This one-day workshop offers an embodied approach to productive and satisfying communications using the principles of Aikido, a non- violent Japanese martial art. Aikido is translated as the path to harmonious energy—it is known as the “art of peace.” This practice produces openings for collaboration and developing creative and sustainable solutions. The workshop offers an experiential approach that combines basic Aikido principles, practical concepts, and simple movements for enhanced learning. We will work with these principles and concepts and apply them to individual and group communications. Participants will learn to:

  • Stay grounded and centered during important conversations
  • Maintain connection and engage all participants
  • Focus on intention and outcome
  • Manage multiple points of view
  • Transform conflict for understanding and resolution
  • Create collaborative environments


Event Flyer

Event Flyer