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Happy Birthday Gifford Pinchot III

Last night, BGI Net Impact (@bginetimpact) hosted a great event featuring guests Dawn Danby (@altissima) and Gifford Pinchot III (@giffordpinchot) on the topic of intrapreneurship. Taking place at the new Center for Impact and Innovation Center in Pioneer Square Gifford and Dawn shared stories of individuals making positive change happen within large organizations.

Gifford and Dawn preparing are prepared to share their stories.

This was the first time that Dawn and Gifford have presented simultaneously. The admiration and respect the two have for each other was palpable. It was beautiful to see mentor and student be able to share time and space. They were each so proud to be in the other's company.

Gifford Pinchot III and Libba Pinchot literally wrote the book on Intrapreneurship.

Dawn, a BGI alum has been named by Fast Company as one of the most influential business women in the nation. She now works for Autodesk and works to continuously and seamlessly weave sustainable principles within the product and organizations. One of her most notable innovations, accounting for waste, carbon footprint, and other metrics into the design software has changed the fundamentals of industrial design.

Dawn Danby uses her wit and sense of humor to overcome obstacles and stay committed to the cause.

After the presentations, a BGI Dean, John Gardner announced Gifford's 70th birthday, and the networking time turned into a birthday celebration.

Gifford blowing out the candles on one of his birthday cakes.

That same cake 30 seconds later.

Good thing we had a backup.

Ten $10,000 Scholarships Available for OSR Program

If you are someone you know is interested in gaining business and leadership skills required for today's and tomorrow's issues, now is a good time to look at the OSR program at the Bainbridge Graduate Institute. When I got home today, I saw the following message sitting in my LinkedIn inbox from OSR Program Director Bill Koenig:

I am sharing the message below broadly with my LinkedIn Network because it is an exceptional offer that may be of interest to you and would certainly be of interest to someone that you know, so please forward it on. 

In honor of the January 14, 2013 launch of OSR 19, the first cohort at Bainbridge Graduate Institute (BGI), the 33 year old Organization Systems Renewal (OSR – graduate program is making ten $10,000 scholarships available to OSR 19 applicants. 

These scholarships are designed to help those with the passion, but not all the resources, to join OSR 19 and complete their Master's in Organizational Leadership. Applications will be reviewed on the basis of financial need, a short essay, and overall diversity needs of the cohort. 

If you or someone you know is prepared to take his/her learning to a new level in this premier program focused on leadership, systems-thinking, design-thinking, organization development, and personal development, we strongly encourage you to Apply Now - 

Excited? Here are some answers to questions we anticipate you might have: 

When are applications due? 
Applications for the OSR Master’s Program and Scholarships are due December 15 unless prior arrangements have been made for an extension. 

How does this work with my overall Federal Student Financial Aid? 
Federal Student Financial Aid is also available. For questions and to start this process, contact Gagan Kaur at or call 206-780-6227. 

What do I have to do to apply for the scholarship? 
There are two steps to applying. 
Complete and submit your application to the OSR Master’s Program - 
Make sure that your short essay answer to the question in the application packet, namely, " what is your financial plan to support your participation in the OSR program," includes an explanation of why you are interested in this scholarship. 
Please note, if you are receiving tuition reimbursement from your organization, you are not eligible for this offer. 

Why apply now? 
First and foremost, why put off learning how to become more effective and lead the kind of changes you most want? One of the hallmarks of OSR is that you learn skills, theories and techniques that you can use immediately. From the very first session you hone your awareness and mastery in Organizational Leadership. 

Keep in mind that you won’t start paying on your Federal Financial Aid loans until after graduation. 

Take advantage of the timing of the OSR 19 cohort. This cohort offers a first time ever scholarship opportunity that represents 25% of the total tuition. It is 6 quarters in length instead of the normal 7 quarters. As a result the tuition cost is $3,000 less than previous cohorts. 

Please reply to this email if you are interested in pursuing this further. 


Bill Koenig 
Program Director 
Organization Systems Renewal Graduate Program 

BGI - Bainbridge Graduate Institute 

Office: 206.780-6207 
Email: and

Typhoon Haikui Update - We're Okay in Shanghai

Hello everyone. I don’t know if this news has hit any major headlines over in the States or not, but just in case it either has or will, please know that our group over in China is safe. Typhoon Haikui has arrived at the coast of China and we are receiving adverse weather conditions in Shanghai as a result. Although there is some serious flooding (I’m looking out the window and seeing taxis driving through water easily above the top of their tires), we are safe and out of harms way. Our access to Internet is limited, so if you receive late responses to emails, Skype messages, etc., that’s the reason. In the event of an emergency and need to reach me or our group, we are at the Sunrise On The Bund hotel. The phone number is is +86 (21) 5558-9999. I'll do my best to chime in periodically to keep you posted.

Image shot from the hotel elevator