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Preinstruction Drawings - Day 1

Preinstruction Drawing #1 - Face

Preinstruction Drawing #2 - Hand

Preinstruction Drawing #3 - Wacom Pen

This may not look like much to you, but for me this is a huge accomplishment. Ever since I was a child I told myself I wasn't creative and that art just isn't my thing. I couldn't color inside the lines and when it came to drawing, I just could never seem to get it right—ever. Well I've decided to at least try. I may never become a world-renowned sketch artist or painter, but for me my goal is to actively learn how to see and apply creativity to increase my ability to engage in inquiry, identify questions, and look for better answers.

To aid in this process, I recently picked up Drawing on the Artist Within by Betty Edwards. She also the author of the acclaimed work, Drawing on the Right side of the Brain.  In the first chapter, the reader is asked to draw a face, a hand, and an object as somewhat of a benchmark. Let’s hope these get better. Even if they don't, I'm enjoying at least giving it a shot.