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What Inspires You Alma Lorraine Bone Constable?

I met Alma Lorraine Bone Constable almost two years ago at the Great Hall at Islandwood. She immediately stuck me with her warmth and sense of caring. Since then I’ve spent time with Alma, her family, colleagues, and friends. She attracts wonderful people. I interviewed her almost a year ago and one of the things that stuck with me was her saying she “has unconditional love for everybody.” That’s something I strive for.

Alma has been working with families and businesses in Kenya for quite some time now, developing a solar lighting kit to alleviate the need for expensive and dangerous kerosene lanterns. Rather than dropping technology on people, she’s worked with communities to develop the solutions collaboratively. The product was vetted, tested, and proved in last year’s round of Fledge incubation, and, today, her dream of launching the product is closer to reality. In order to bring the TayaSola Lantern Kit to scale, Alma and her team is launching an Indiegogo campaign to refine the design of the kit, perform additional field testing, and produce and distribute 500 TayaSola Lantern Kits. Please head on over, share, and show your support.