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The Storm Is Over - Typhoon Haikui

Hello again,

I just wanted to chime in one last time about Typhoon Haikui. The storm has moved north and the rain has stopped. The flooding has subsided and the streets are dry again. It's good to see people walking around, the streets clean, and folks going about their daily lives. The storm did give me a lot to think about, though, regarding privilege, so expect to see some reflections about that soon. Thanks for all of those who have been concerned and had us in their thoughts.

Typhoon Haikui Update - We're Okay in Shanghai

Hello everyone. I don’t know if this news has hit any major headlines over in the States or not, but just in case it either has or will, please know that our group over in China is safe. Typhoon Haikui has arrived at the coast of China and we are receiving adverse weather conditions in Shanghai as a result. Although there is some serious flooding (I’m looking out the window and seeing taxis driving through water easily above the top of their tires), we are safe and out of harms way. Our access to Internet is limited, so if you receive late responses to emails, Skype messages, etc., that’s the reason. In the event of an emergency and need to reach me or our group, we are at the Sunrise On The Bund hotel. The phone number is is +86 (21) 5558-9999. I'll do my best to chime in periodically to keep you posted.

Image shot from the hotel elevator