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Remember the Goosebumps Series?

Do you remember a few weeks ago when I asked you to choose between the blue pill and the red pill? I sure do. First of all, thank you to all who participated in the blog post and a special thanks for those who left comments, called, or sent me a text or email to tell me what they thought. I had a lot of fun exploring the types of things that are possible in the blogging world. Although this was an attempt to have fun, I’m looking at ways to make much more serious attempts to bring people together, elicit real-time feedback, and build interaction into blogs and other new media bring about creative ways to uncover, discuss, and solve social issues.

If you chose the red pill, you were sent to this Google Doc drawing and  tasked with creating a shared artifact in the form of an image. This is what you came up with. The drawing is still live, so if you feel compelled to add to it or otherwise modify the image, feel free to do so. I’m going to keep this up to see how it evolves over time.

Hey, you created this…

If you were one who chose the blue pill, you were sent to a hidden page I created just for this blog. Unless you had the direct link, you wouldn’t have found it. (Google may have indexed the page by now, but before, you had to either click on the blue pill picture or copy/paste the link from it.) Now, I’m making it publicly available in the event you want to check it out: Blue Pill Link. After clicking that link, you were given audible instructions that sent you to yet another hidden page. Again, you kind of “had to be there” to know about it. That page had one last audible instruction, an unlisted YouTube video, and a picture of the blue pill that sent you back to the original post.

In case you don’t want to hop all around the web, here’s all the media in one place.

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