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Episode 6: Interview With Todd O'Neill

I happened across Todd O’Neill about a year ago at a Gemini Ink discussion on immigration. His extremely calm, yet focused, demeanor struck me as interesting. The co-owner of C4 Workspace, O’Neill is all about strengthening community by bringing minds together. He is the license holder of TEDxSanAntonio, a conference that has created a great deal of conversation about what people are capable of doing when we think beyond ourselves.


We Need More Taglines Like This. Thanks @griley

Last night I attented the TEDxSanAntonio mixer and was fortunate enough to meet George Riley (@griley), one of the people that makes the official TED happen. At the end of the evening, he passed me his business card. This is the back of that card. If only more businesses had taglines like this. If only more businesses lived this type of philosophy. If only more businesses operated like this. Think of what we could accomplish together.

Other people I lucky to see again included:


TEDxSanAntonio Was Awesome

This Saturday I was fortunate enough to attend TEDxSanAntonio. I wasn’t familiar with TED conferences until I met Todd O’Neill of C4 Workspace while attending an immigration discussion hosted by Gemini Ink. He explained to me the types of speakers, attendees, and content that showed up for these events and I decided to apply to go…and I’m glad I did. There were great speakers who covered topics from the death penalty and glass children to bionic exoskeletons and obesity. Mayor Julian Castro spoke on the power of education.

However, what I found most valuable was the group of attendees that were present. The speakers were great, and the content was amazing, but I really appreciated being among a number of people who were excited to learn and engage their communities in meaningful ways to foster positive change. I ran into several familiar people and met others. The conversations we had over breaks, lunch, and the reception were simply fascinating.