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A Night With Aisha Tyler

Tonight a photography assignment took me to Town Hall Seattle. I shoot a lot of events, but every now and then, one truly stands out. Tonight’s event was one such. It wasn’t particularly glamorous, fancy, or showy. Rather it had a more intimate feel. Aisha Tyler performed a reading from her new book, Self-Inflicted Wounds, answered questions from the audience, and then finished with a book signing. I appreciated her openness, thoughtfulness, and honesty in presenting information. Her résumé is far too extensive to list here, but I encourage you to check out her website to learn more about what she is up to. It was truly a pleasure to see her in person. Here is the video she started the night with along with some of my favorite photos from the night.

#BALLE2013 Through My Eyes

BGI's DSJ Committee Delivers First Training

Us after delivering our first diversity training to the Boys and Girls Club in Long Beach, WA.

This was originally posted on the Bainbridge Graduate Institute news blog.

The BGI Diversity and Social Justice committee (Current students Courteny Morehouse, Drew Jones, Michael B. Maine, and Shawna Holman) delivered a diversity training at the Boys and Girls Club in Long Beach, WA. The group led four different exercises throughout the day. This training was the first of its kind from BGI and gave the students an opportunity to merge their passions with work outside of the BGI community. The group was well-received, and believe there will be positive results.

Fledge Demo Days Stream

Below you can watch all of the presentations from Fledge Demo Days. I especially appreciate the shout out for my photography towards the beginning.