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Introducing the Menrva Labs Kickstarter Campaign

Just last week, Kickstarter approved my project Menrva Labs for fundraising. And no, I’m not asking for your money right now. I’m asking for you to let me know what kinds of rewards you would like me to offer those willing to donate. I started this project about three years ago with the goal of promoting social change by increasing social awareness. I’m hoping to accomplish this by providing change agents with a platform to share their story who might not otherwise be able to do so. These individuals and organizations include teachers, authors, poets, artists, economic development people, international development people, etc.

I’ve been conducting interviews for the past year and have transitioned from blog posts, to audio, to video. Now I’m hoping to take those efforts to the next level and produce a speaker series, art slam series, a full-length documentary, and collector’s edition book. I will be raising money to purchase better equipment, cover travel expenses, and pay for graphic design and a new website.

Some ideas for incentives include the following. Please add your comment and let me know what you’d like to see. Also, feel free to send me your thoughts on Twitter at @michaelbmaine and @menrvalabs.


  • Listing on the project website as a supporter (Including Social Media Links)
  • Menrva Labs HD computer wallpaper
  • Menrva Labs sticker
  • Limited Edition Poster
  • Signed copy of the finished DVD/Blu-Ray w/ Bonus Footage
  • Limited Edition T-Shirt showing early support of the project
  • Limited Edition Poster signed by artist
  • Limited Edition hard-cover (cork cover) book including custom artwork – Signed
  • Ticket to the movie release party/gala
  • Everything above plus VIP ticket to the movie release party/gala, products in special packaging
  • Everything above plus prominent placement on project website
  • Everything above, plus individual story on website
  • Everything above, plus 30 second feature in bonus material

Get Your Vudu On, It's Like Netflix For Poor People


I know I’ve been a little quiet over the past few weeks. It’s not because I’ve had a lack of things to write about. It’s because I’ve been so…so busy (work, applying for grad school, writing, etc.). There are some really cool projects on the horizon, so be on the lookout for those. Also, I’ve been writing a little more with and for other media sources. One of those pieces is an article I co-wrote with DeAnne Cuellar, executive director of Media Justice League (MJL) and author of the San Antonio Current blog Tech Tease. In this article, we discuss Walmart’s new streaming media service Vudu. Check out the full article here.


San Antonio media justice activist DeAnne Cuellar blogs throughout the week at She welcomes your questions and feedback and can be reached directly at Follow Tech Tease on Twitter at @thetechtease.