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Menrva Labs Was Featured in the West Seattle Blog

Menrva Labs Was Featured in the West Seattle Blog


On Saturday, I visited Village Green Organic Perennial Nursery in West Seattle/White Center, Seattle. Three hours later, I found myself deeply interested in how we can support our local businesses and local economy while building pride within the community. That’s when I thought, “hey, let’s do a cash mob here.” The concept of a cash mob, although relatively new, is a simple one. It’s basically a flash mob where people show up at a specified time and place, and bring a specified amount of money to purchase goods from a locally owned and operated business. 

After making the announcement public, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Check out the article featured in the West Seattle Blog. To register for the cash mob, check out the Facebook Event Page.


Date: Saturady, April 28, 2012

Location: Village Green Perennial Nursery

Bring: $20 and energy

Link: Facebook

Bainbridge Graduate Institute Offers Three New Sustainability Certificates

SEATTLE, Nov. 08 /CSRwire/ – The Bainbridge Graduate Institute, a pioneer in offering Sustainable MBA programs, announced three new certificate programs designed for working executives seeking to develop skills in the areas of three emerging markets: Sustainable Built EnvironmentSustainable Food and Agriculture and Sustainable Energy Solutions.

These new programs expand the overall offerings of BGI to provide students with a deeper understanding of the rapidly evolving sustainability landscape and further prepare them to offer smart and sustainable business solutions in these three growing industries.

“BGI is tailoring these new programs for those currently working in these important sectors as well as aspiring entrepreneurs,” commented BGI Dean, John Gardner.  “These certificates distinguish themselves not only as the current state of the art – but importantly, they engage and guide students on how to design new business models that will enable breakthrough success”.

BGI crafted these four-quarter, one-year, graduate certification to stimulate innovation and creativity in the design and operation of businesses that pursue a more sustainable world.  Developing skilled, experienced managers with an integrated knowledge of sustainability is a core value that BGI brings to the business world.

BGI’s Certificate in Sustainable Food and Agricultural Systems will offer an integrated examination of food and agricultural systems in the U.S. and the broader movement toward sustainable practices, innovation and whole-systems development.  Students will benefit from integrated examination of food systems both globally and in the US, and examine business opportunities at a local, national and global level.

Students completing the Certificate in Sustainable Built Environment will learn how to create new products and services for the design and construction sector, as well as understand the development, finance and real estate sectors from a green perspective. The certificate will equip students with the knowledge required for a career in green building and development by exploring the systemic, philosophical and historical forces that have given rise to the field.  The program will also examine the technological, political and economic forces shaping its current and future development, providing a solid overview of the trends favoring a shift to a more sustainable built environment.

The Certificate in Sustainable Energy Solutions will teach students the necessary skills needed to manage and innovate in this sector including the structure and economics of the energy business, the promise and pitfalls of emerging renewable sources of energy, and how energy is consumed.  The course series provides an overview of the terms, concepts, the technologies and the framework needed to take a concept or idea for a new venture through the final steps to making the “pitch” in the sustainable energy marketplace.

Starting winter 2012, these twelve credit programs will be taught by the leaders and pioneers of each industry including Dr. Bryan Wilson, Jimmy Jia, Jason McLennan, Tony D’Onofrio and BGI Dean, John Gardner.

The Sustainable Built Environment program will be offered at the Gold LEED certified IslandWood campus located on Bainbridge Island and the Sustainable Energy Solutions and Food and Agriculture Certificate programs will be offered at the Seattle Learning Site, conveniently located in downtown Seattle and asynchronous distance learning between sessions incorporating a variety of learning methodologies.

About The Bainbridge Graduate Institute

The Bainbridge Graduate Institute (BGI) was the first school to offer an MBA in Sustainable business. Founded in 2002, BGI offers evening and weekend MBA and Certificate programs that thoroughly integrate environmental and social responsibility into every subject of the traditional core business curriculum. BGI works to help other business schools become more sustainable.

For more information, please contact: Aly Tibbetss Director of Admissions and Enrollment (206) 780-6232.

Citizen Photojournalism: Guardian Eyewitness

What ever happened to picture books? Remember how well they told a story with few to no words? Remember when you read your first “chapter book” and how accomplished you felt? It seems as though, the older we get, the longer the content has to be. That’s not the case with photojournalism. Photojournalists are somehow able to capture incredible moments and tell incredible stories, often with no words at all. We might say we want content, content, content - and in many cases that’s true. I find myself constantly reading. Between academic journals, literature, business books, magazines, blogs, and news articles, I fill up just about every spare minute by consuming words. However, sometimes it’s nice to take a look at beautiful pictures and let those pictures explain their stories. lets me do just that. They showcase great pictures from around the world, commenting on global catastrophes, successes, events, and cultures. Take a look at some of the images below.


All photos provided by Guardian Eyewitness

Check Out My New 'Recommended Reading' Section


Those of you who know me know I’m a reader. Lately, I’ve had several friends and colleagues ask for recommendations with regard to business, marketing, leadership, etc. I decided to keep a running list of the books and other resources I’ve found most useful over the years. Hopefully, you’ll find them useful as well.

The list will include books, blogs, case studies, magazines, etc. Also, there is a comments section. So, if you have any recommendations for me or would like to chime in, feel free to leave a few words.

Check out the recommended reading section here.