Homogeneity is a Myth

Artist Statement

Homogeneity is a Myth was largely inspired by Cynthia Cockburn’s book The Space Between Us: Negotiating Gender and National Identity in Conflict. In this work, Cockburn explores how various groups of women have worked together across borders to see the humanity in each other during times of national conflict when the rhetoric of sameness is used to breed hostility.

In this venture I explore areas where identity-based conflict occurs daily. Dismissive language and behavior robs us of the richness that exists in the individual by reducing the totality of their being into a limited, preexisting story. Any group of people is just that—a group of people—each person with their own unique constructions and expressions of identities, hopes and dreams, perspectives, and lived experiences.

I’m not creating this work for any one particular audience. This is a visual manifestation of the exploration of things that keep me up at night. Additionally, it is a celebration of the people who trust me and this project enough to allow themselves to be vulnerable and intimate in order to ignite curiosity in others. My goal with this exhibition is to temporarily suspend judgment and invite you to catch a glimpse inside each individual. Thank you for being here and being curious. Thank you for giving yourself and others the rare gift of attention.

—Michael B. Maine


  • Medium Format Film
  • Kodak Portra 400
  • Processed and scanned at Panda Lab

Creative Team:

  • Creative Director / Photographer: Michael B. Maine
  • Hair/Makeup: Juel Bergholm
  • Lead Model: Victor Loo/Victoria Loo


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