Empathy vital not only to helping others, but also to helping ourselves – December 2009
This is a piece I wrote for the multicultural news site Red Brown and Blue regarding social class, social mobility, and our ability to use empathy to develop awareness of social issues as well as bring about change. I was inspired to write this after a conversation I had with a coworker just before leaving Santiago, Chile.

Chile’s Role in a Global Marketplace – 2009
My boss asked me to find the top ten countries that Chile does business with. I didn’t think that a simple list would be sufficient to developing and employing a global strategy. I quickly became interested in the international implications of global trade and followed up with some additional independent research. This is what I found.

SonyStyle and Culture – 2007
How did Sony become such an iconic figure in history. In this case study, I looked at the history of Sony from the Walkman days and discuss some of their challenges and succeses up to now.

Ethnocentrism in an Increasingly Global Business Atmosphere – 2006
I was interested in looking at the impact that ethnocentrism when we approach business from a global perspective. How does the Protestant work ethic effect the lives of the United States workforce? Do we live to work or work to live? These are some of the questions that I reflected upon while doing research on the US workforce and ideals.

Ben and Jerry’s The Inside Scoop Part II - 2005
Ben and Jerry’s used cutting edge business strategy to create a globally known ice cream brand. They did it with little two normal guys, very little upfront capital, and a vision. They were one of the few companies of its time to focus on employees and truly be conscious of their environmental footprint. Although much research has been done archiving the rise of Ben and Jerry’s Homemade Ice Cream, Inc., little has been done since they were acquired by Unilever in 2000. In this short report, I try to bridge that gap.