What do you get when you mix a love of art, skill, and a passion to make positive changes? Well, apparently, you get Dylan Hunt. Rewarding people with custom pieces of art for various acts of kindness, Dylan is taking a different approach to making a difference than most. Not only is he himself active, but he uses his skills in art to mobilize others to perform positive acts as well.

He started the Pay it Forward Austin blog so that he could feel more involved with his community through art. The theme of the blog is “Free collage Art for Random Acts of Kindness.” The premise of the blog is simple. People send a story of them doing something good for other people, he posts the story on the blog, and then sends the author a piece of art.

I can tell you from experience that reading some of these stories is a welcome change from what we typically broadcasted. They remind you that, in the midst of everything, there are people who, usually behind the scenes, are helping people cross the street, reading to children, or otherwise doing their part to contribute to helping others.

Thanks, Dylan, for doing your part to help others do their part. As you put it best, “tons of positive energy sent your way.”


Dylan’s Personal Blog

Pay It Forward Austin Blog