Alex Rutledge | Image courtesy of

Alex Rutledge is doing big things  right now. He just  registered his own video production business  yesterday. For the past 7  months, he’s been perfecting his skills and  gaining experience by  freelancing for a myriad of events. He’s taped  everything from  skateboard competitions and commercial advertisements to  musicians,  concerts, and weddings.

Alex, however doesn’t only have his ear  to the streets when it comes  to entertainment. When he’s not riding is  BMX, making music, or  recording events, he’s helping out in the  community. An avid advocate  for education, Alex currently works as a  substitute teacher and has  plans to teach bilingual education full-time  in January. He really  loves to see kids have a chance, and thinks that  every child should be  entitled to a quality education.

In the future, Mr. Rutledge wants to  work in curriculum building and  possibly open his own school. I have  been fortunate to know Alex for  several years now. He’s probably one of  the most consistent people I  know. Hey Alex, I support you man. Keep  doing what you’re doing. I feel  privileged to have know you as long as I  have.

Check out two of his latest videos here –  Video   1 | Video 2