The status quo is thus because it has not yet been challenged and/or changed. When we don’t question why things are they way they are, we buy into a system that wasn’t necessarily designed with our best interests in mind. Although not all systems are bad, I think it’s important to understand why they are in place and how they function. Ghandi was quoted as saying:

We shouldn’t confuse what is habitual with what is normal.


Why are we willing to spend so much money on our jail system, but so little on counseling. Why do we assume that people who are different need to be isolated from the mainstream population? What makes deviance deviant? Why are we expected to work 9-5 doing something we hate? Why can’t I aspire to be the best janitor ever? Why do we have thirty meetings a week? Whey do we feel that every country wants to be the United States? How do we come to a realize a specific ideology? Why can’t two men or two women be married? Why do we have to be classified as either a male or female? Why is Obama a win for black people and not a win for all?

I know some of the political (and theoretical) reasons, but what are the real reasons? Are there real reasons? Why do we perpetuate these ideologies? Is it by choice, influence, or lack of motivation. I don’t know. Do you?

Don’t deny yourself the opportunity to grow. If you wonder why something is the way it is, challenge it. Be active. Learn. Join a movement. Ignorance is bliss, but through knowledge you can find happiness for yourself and others.