“A goal is a dream with a deadline.” – Napoleon Hill

Putting a deadline on a dream is one of the most critical things you can do to prepare yourself for success. Dreaming is meaningless without putting a plan in place to convert that dream to a reality. Oftentimes the difference between somebody who accomplishes their dreams and somebody who doesn’t is the determination and action to make it happen. You can dream all you want, but it’s the action you put into place that will get you there.


Write It Down

Turn a dream into a mission by writing it down, committing you to it. Be specific with your goal. Where specifically do you want to be in three years? I don’t like 10-year plans unless you have other milestones in between them. Ten years is often too far into the future. After you write it down, place copies of your commitment where you will often see it (your refrigerator, wallet, desk, bathroom mirror, etc.). Also, tell people. Not only will they help you stay committed, you never know who might be able to help you accomplish your mission. 


Develop an Action Plan

Without an action your dream will remain just that – a dream. After you write your goal down, put a plan in place to reach it. What specific steps will it take to accomplish your goal? What skills will you need? Who will you need to know? Map out a course that will take you to your destination and stick with it.


Put it Into Action

Once you have a plan, act on it. Begin by getting in contact with those who can mentor and help you on your journey. Research the organizations you will need to know. Gain (or hone) the skills you will need. Get out there and do it.