My mother, father, and I. (Please forgive the flash)


Dear Mom and Dad,

Thank you Mom and Dad for teaching me to always strive for more, to stay true to myself, and always respect others. You selflessly sacrificed so much in order to provide your children with the opportunities you never had. You may not have known at the time, but I was watching

Dad, one of the greatest lessons I ever learned was the one you taught about never becoming complacent. That no matter how good you are, there is always somebody smarter, faster, stronger…better. You taught me that there’s something to be learned from everybody; that everybody knows something and has experiences that I don’t. That lesson has guided me and opened doors to knowledge and experiences I would not have otherwise had.

Mom, you taught me that nothing worth having comes easy. You taught me that simply dreaming isn’t enough, but that action and determination bring you to your goals. You taught me that setbacks are all part of the game. How you deal with those setbacks determines your future. Because of the work ethic you instilled in me, I refuse to settle for mediocrity.

To both of you, I was watching

Through all of the times, whether they be good or bad, easy or difficult, you persevered to build the solid base on which I stand today. From your attendance at basketball games and track meets to the sleepless nights working on homework and worrying about me when I wasn’t worried about myself, you were there.

I was watching then and I’m watching now…