Why is it that some managers have great relationships with their employees while others don’t? How is it that turnover can drop, or increase tremendously with the addition or subtraction of a single person? Managers typically have the same or very similar goals, stresses, and pressures. Getting people to do what you want is, for the most part, pretty simple. You don’t have to have a prestigious degree. You don’t have to have the answers to everything. They may help you earn respect, but they won’t get people to do things for you. Respect is key to getting people to do things. The days when tyranny scared people into productivity are all but over. You have to make people feel important.


What Is Making People Feel Important:

  • Showing respect to the people with whom you work
  • Providing constructive criticism
  • Encouraging creative solutions
  • Involving your team
  • Remembering (and saying) a person’s name – VERY IMPORTANT
  • Saying “hello” to people (address them with their name)
  • Explaining the importance of a project or assignment
  • Listening to concerns (real listening)
  • Following up on those concerns


What Is NOT Making People Feel Important:

  • Attempting to buy respect
  • Providing destructive criticism
  • Not listening to critiques made of you
  • Assigning assignments and projects with no explanation
  • Not involving your team
  • Not listening to your team
  • Hearing concerns rather than listening to them
  • Forgetting about things that are important to others
  • Gossiping
  • Sexually harassment


I know you can think of others you can add. What else would you like to add to these lists? Leave your comments below.