If you’re looking for some inspiration to work out, get outside, or be more active, check out my friend Jessica’s blog See Jess Run. She keeps a journal of her workouts, meals, etc. Reading her articles keep me from becoming lazy. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to run and train beside Jessica. She’s always been an inspiration. Keep up the good work “Ms. SCAC!”

Here’s an example of a post she puts up:

You know, if it’s going to be 94% humidity, it might as well go for the gold and be 100%.  It’s not like my sweat is evaporating anyway.  I could not believe how sweaty I was after I stopped.

Weather aside, I actually had a very good run this morning on National Running Day.  There were quite a few people out this morning and I wonder if they were celebrating too.  I had a tragically slow first mile because I didn’t powerwalk to warm-up beforehand and I didn’t have any fast mile splits, but overall I felt good.  Also, I made it a “long run” day.  8 miles this week, maybe 9 next week or two weeks from now.  As long as I continue to feel good, I will add a mile every 1-2 weeks. 

Lately I’ve been working out twice a day.  Granted, sometimes the second “workout” is walking two miles on the treadmill while reading a magazine, so that probably doesn’t count.  Still, it’s not like I’m trying to exercise twice a day, it’s just happening because so many of my clients are out on vacation, etc.  I have big gaps at work that need to be filled.  I think tonight I will do Pilates.  On one hand, I love that being “bored at work” means I get more exercise.  On the other hand, I don’t get paid unless I’m training clients.

For more, check out her blog here.