Feedback, Feedback, Feedback. Feedback is likely the most important component in the communications loop. It’s the thing that’s necessary to gauge the impact we are making in each individual as well as the community at large. It lets us know exactly what we are doing right and what we are doing wrong. Negative feedback, when constructive, is probably the most valuable of all feedback because it gives us a chance to improve, exceed expectations, and show who how well we respond to concerns. Most people just want to know they are being listened to. Are we listening?

We need to make sure we have a system that allows and encourages easy internal and external feedback in both our work and personal lives. For some reason, the standard communication model almost completely ignores the recipient of the message. Real communication never ends when the receipient receives the message. We don’t communicate at people. We communicate with people. In business, it’s especially important to implement feedback into the research and development of services and products. With social media and new forms of communication, your customers can and will tell you exactly what they want, and quickly. This allows us to significantly streamline the development process and introduce quality products and services to market faster than ever.

We always want people to listen to us. It’s equally if not more important for us to listen to them.