Tungle is a simple web scheduling program that allows you to show when you are available to meet. The main draw for Tungle users is that you can place a Tungle widget on your website, provide a link in your emails, etc. and people who want to set up time with you can view you real-time availability (without seeing exactly what’s on your calendar) online and request times that will work for you. This way, you can cut down on the back and forth guesswork that occurs when multiple people have conflicting schedules.

Whether the meeting consists of one or several people, Tungle works on Mac, PC, and Linux. It syncs with Outlook, iCal, Google Calendar, and other popular calendar services. Currently, they have an application for the iPhone and Blackberry. The android application is “coming soon.” If you put in a location, it will automatically provide a Google Maps map of it, allowing you to get driving directions, or send them to those who might need them.

I’ve been using the service for a about a month and it has already proved to boost my productivity. I’m spending less time scheduling meetings, calls, events, etc., and spending more time actually having those meetings, calls, events, etc. Tungle handles the meeting invitations, RSVP’s and keeps you updated on your mobile devices, computers, and web calendars.

Check it out and tell me what you think.


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