Normally, when I receive a solicitation letter, I roll my eyes and throw them away. The reason is they are normally nothing more than a mass mailed or emailed message. They lack both sincerity and personality. They haven’t taken the time to find out who I am, what I do, or why it would make sense to work together. I’m sure the success rate is high enough (otherwise I’d assume they would quit), but it’s not a perosnalized experience at all.

When I received this letter from my friend Jake, I was excited after I read it and immediately called him to ask if we could collaborate on some projects and see where I could refer business his way. If we could take just a little more time to know our prospect, we will greatly increase our effectiveness.

This is an example of a great and personalized solicitation letter. I did receive his permission to post this, and I fully recommend him if you need a writer for anything.

Example: Great Solicitation Letter - Written by Jake Negovn