I love the History Channel. I don’t know how accurate everything, but it really makes me think about things in a completely different way. Growing up, I was never much into history. The way it was taught always made it seem very boring. One day, I read the book, “Lies my teacher taught me.” I loved that book. One of my favorite podcasts is “Things You Missed In History Class.” I often find myself now researching things that happened in the past. Now I pay much more attention to how things happened before and try my best to understand why. Understanding the past makes understanding the present so much easier—so much more fun.

That’s why I was fascinated with a recent show on the History Channel. They were talking about ancient Roman technology and methods for building roads, buildings, and transportation. They build many different models of chariots based on the needs of various market segments. Even back then, they understood the importance of building a product that worked for the end user. I’m drawing parallels with what I’m learning in school with everything around me. It feels good to have those connections being made.