When I started DJ'ing years ago, it was right when digital was starting to take the place of vinyl turntables in many rigs. Getting back into it, I had to make that decision again. After thinking about it for some time, looking at what's now available, and visiting several record stores I decided to stick with vinyl for a number of reasons.

  1. Nothing has been able to match the fidelity of vinyl at high volume.
  2. I love the feel of vinyl.
  3. It reminds me of running through my Dad's record collection when I was a little kid and playing everything from Earth, Wind, an Fire, to Michael Jackson, to Rick James.
  4. There's a true art to spinning, counting beats, beat juggling, and all the other pieces that go along with vinyl that just can't be duplicated with MP3s or CDs.

Besides, look how much work goes into making those records…