I'm an android!

Some of you may recall a blog post I wrote last week about why I'm ditching the iPhone. I've since sold the iPhone and picked up the Samsung Galaxy Nexus for Sprint. I don't regret the decision. Although Sprint admittedly doesn't have the best network in my area (Seattle), I'm grandfathered into a very good plan thatserve my current needs. I'll reevaluate my options towards the end of the month when Verizon's lineup is announced.

After reacquainting myself with Android, I remembered just how much I missed the mobile OS, it's capabilities, native sharing options, etc. But rather than bore you with all of the technical capabilities, I want to share one of the more novel applications I've spent entirely way too much time playing around with—Androidify. Available in the Google Play Store for free, Androidify allows you to create, customize, save, load, and share little android characters you can use in a variety of ways. Google suggests you use them as avatars for your social profiles, but I see more interesting ways to put them to use (if at all).

Below is a video of Androidify and some screenshots.


Customization Options

Androidify Options

Sharing Options

Finished android