What?! I’m in Cosmopolitan Magazine?

About a week ago I checked the mail at the studio to find a large, brown envelope from Cosmopolitan Magazine. I furrowed my brow trying to figure out what they might be sending me. No letter, no card, just a copy of their December issue. I didn’t think anything of it, so I put the magazine on my desk and went to editing photos and delivering work to clients.

A few hours later, I received an email from Nancy Chang (board chair and co-founder of Skate Like a Girl and executive director of Reel Grrls) letting me know she was featured in Cosmo and that they image they used was the head shot we made recently. So I went back to the magazine and thumbed through the pages to find her. Sure enough, there she is, on page 176. After reading the piece (nice work Cosmo) I looked at the spine and found my name right next to Getty Images.

Big ups to Nancy Chang for bringing your passion, creativity, and energy into the world in a way that helps young people develop and live into their dreams. I’m proud to have my work in the pages of such a highly circulated publication, but even more proud to be able to work alongside people like you who are making important things happen.

Cosmopolitan Magazine. December 2015 Issue. Page 176.