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Touch Gesture Reference Cards


(Touch Gesture Cards (PDF): Luke Wroblewski)

Having trouble keeping up with all the things your smartphone/tablet/trackpad can do? Here is a simple reference guide to keep handy as we continue to obsess over technology giving our brains a run for their money. View or download the entire set here.

HP Uses The TouchPad To Show How To Respond With Time-Based E-Mail Marketing

Just moments ago I received the following email from HP.


As many of you are aware, HP discontinued the Web OS operating system and discounted the cost of the HP Touchpad, a tablet intended to rival Apple’s iPad, to $99 and $149 respectively for their 16GB and 32GB models. Of course, by the time I tried to order one, they (and everyone else for that matter) had no supply available. Oh believe me, I tried to find one. HP’s website shows they are out of stock at the time and encourage us to sign up for updates if we’d like to be notified when and if stock becomes available. I registered.

When I saw the email, I first thought, “Already? They have some in stock already?” But alas, I was duped into opening an email I probably wouldn’t have otherwise. I admit it. They got me. But hey, if you’re in the market for any HP products at a 25% savings, you have until tomorrow to take advantage. Kudos to whoever designed this campaign.

Google Introduces its "+1" Button

Google just announced that it will introduce it’s “+1” button for Google Search and websites. Very similar to Facebook’s, “Like” button, Google’s +1 button will allow Google users to recommend online content. The key differentiator here is that the +1 button will affect the rankings of content within Google search results. They claim that the new button will allow the search to become a more social experience, allowing users to chime in on the relevance of web content. Below is a video by Google that shows the functionality of Google’s new button.