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Building Real Networks Through Social Media


The title of this post was going to be something along the lines of “How Virtual Networks Can Be Used To Build Real Networks.” However, before I could even put the pen to paper I realized there is nothing not real about about these so-called “virtual” networks. Using social media as a tool can extend your network far beyond that which would be possible otherwise. Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media is effective in connecting people across cities, states, and nations, and in their own backyards.

Connections are no longer limited to geographic location, but the willingness of a person to explore. I have recently engaged in conversation with authors, poets, volunteers, friends, business leaders, editors, and others via Twitter. While I would have met some of these people in person because of the activities in which I take part, many I would not.

Lately, I have taken the next step to meet some of the people whom I have met on Twitter in person. One such meeting took place with San Antonio Business Journal project editor Donna Tuttle.  After meeting her son at a Southwestern University alumni event I sent Ms. Tuttle (@writeontime) a tweet to tell her how well he presented himself. After a few exchanges, we met at The Foundry, a local, community-based coffee shop, to discuss various projects in and around San Antonio, where we discovered we have largely overlapping interests and networks: We both were/are involved with TEDxSanAntonio (she organized, I attended). We both know the likes of Todd O’Neil (@toddfromnj) and Debbie Curtis (@kitestringbyday). And we both believe business should bring about positive, social change. That encounter has proved to be mutually beneficial as we have shared resources, events, and plans. Tuttle has also introduced me to other inspiring agents of change within the San Antonio community.

Others I’ve met via social media who have influenced me include Marissa Garcia (@marissaRgarcia), Bill Backus (@billbackus), Gemini Ink (@GeminiInk), and Karen Bantuveris (@vspotmom). Thank you guys.

Networks aren’t defined by who you have physically met. It’s how you interact with people. Whether or not you ever meet them in person you can tremendously influence one another. These connections, networks, and relationships are very real.

Building Networks Through Social Media

New Name, Same Game: The Michael B. Maine Podcast is Now The Menrva Labs Podcast


I finally found a better name than the Michael B. Maine podcast. Although the goal is the same—to share the stories of inspiring and interesting people—moving forward, the name will be the Menrva Labs podcast. From the beginning, I wanted a better name, something that was bigger than me, something that would supersede me if it became popular. In addition to the name change, I will be introducing a few other features:

  • It will now be available as both a video podcast and audio podcast, so you can choose whether you would like to watch and/or listen
  • I will be launching a completely new website where you can listen, watch, download, and subscribe to the podcast
  • You will be able to comment on the each episode using the Disqus commenting engine rather than having to sign up for the site
  • Videos will be available on both YouTube and…in HD
  • More is on the way, including guest bloggers, columnists, and publications.

I am looking for people to interview. If you are interested or know somebody who has a story from which we can learn, please let me know. My preferred method of contact right now is Twitter. You can find me at @michaelbmaine. If you don’t use Twitter, feel free to send me an email or leave a comment below. 

For more information, please follow @michaelbmaine and @menrvalabs

We Need More Taglines Like This. Thanks @griley

Last night I attented the TEDxSanAntonio mixer and was fortunate enough to meet George Riley (@griley), one of the people that makes the official TED happen. At the end of the evening, he passed me his business card. This is the back of that card. If only more businesses had taglines like this. If only more businesses lived this type of philosophy. If only more businesses operated like this. Think of what we could accomplish together.

Other people I lucky to see again included:


Google Introduces its "+1" Button

Google just announced that it will introduce it’s “+1” button for Google Search and websites. Very similar to Facebook’s, “Like” button, Google’s +1 button will allow Google users to recommend online content. The key differentiator here is that the +1 button will affect the rankings of content within Google search results. They claim that the new button will allow the search to become a more social experience, allowing users to chime in on the relevance of web content. Below is a video by Google that shows the functionality of Google’s new button.