“Where do you find inspiration for your projects?” Personally, I’m inspired by the people, places, organic and inorganic matter, and occurrences I experience all around me all the time. The sense of wonder and curiosity never cease in me—constantly amazed by the people who express who they are and want to be, in a variety of ways, despite the pressure to conform. With this project I turned this question around and recorded their responses on video.

From The Streets

In 2013 I began working with a homeless youth work program that creates zines. The idea was that I would crete portraits they could use for their projects. Instead became friends and co-designed an exhibition where the youth would be both the artists and curators—for them to author their own narratives from their own perspectives. One of the young men said to me, “I hate the term homeless. It’s not accurate. I’m not homeless. I have friends, family, a job…I don’t have a house. I’m houseless. Not homeless.”