I too have a Facebook, Myspace, and LinkedIn profile. For me, all three seem to serve their individual purpose well. I use Myspace and Facebook to keep up wth friends, aqcuantences, and events, and LinkedIn for my professional networking. Although these sites are beneficial, I have found two other social networks that have have truly become valuable to me. These networks are Goodreads and Change.org.

I am constantly on Goodreads. It’s a social network focused towards authors and readers. You can follow what people are reading, make suggestions, leave reviews, maintain several reading lists, etc. I find it interesting to see what my friends are reading. I’ve ordered several books lately as a result of suggestions by friends and reviews on the site. Also, if you are an author, you can maintain an author profile, a blog, and promote your books on the site.

Change is one of the largest activist networks that I have come across. With blogs, donation modules, news feeds, and social networking aspects, it is truly making a difference. I have become somewhat active in promoting the National Marriage Boycott, whose main premise is to promote equality among marriage rights. I became aware of this movement as a result of reading a blog post on the site. If you are looking for ways to support a cause, you can definitely find it on Change.org. If you don’t you can add it there.



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