This post is not about whether or not I prefer the briefly used new Gap logo (which I don’t). This post is to express that this kind of thing should never happen. In case you’re not aware, Gap tried to change the logo from the Gap-in-box to the sans-serif Gap. I don’t know whether the higher ups got tired, or if their design firm wanted a reason to bring in more revenue, or what else might have caused the idea that the logo should change, but this never should have happened.

With today’s discourse and literature on and practice of customer-centric business, customer relationship marketing, flattening of pyramids, social media, and empowerment of people, there is absolutely no excuse for this kind of debacle to happen at the corporate level. I’m going to keep this post brief (if you’d like to hear more of my opinion on this, just let me know), but if you are in a position to make business decisions (which you should, because everyone should be included in the process), before you make those decisions, ask those whom it will affect how it will affect them.

With tools like the telephone, Twitter, e-mail, Facebook, ethnography, etc., it would have been extremely simple for Gap to ask those who care how they react to the current logo, what comes to mind when people think of their brand, and if it was time to refresh. This complete breakdown in communication shows un incomprehensible lack of understanding of the market and customer engagement. Gap has obviously been  out of touch with their consumers (and thus likely their employees).

Be a member of the people you serve. Every decision you make ultimately affects them, so it only makes sense to include their input.