I was alarmed today when in my inbox I received an email from the National Marriage Boycott, alerting us that there has been a dramatic increase in the number of suicides in the news among the LGTB community:

NMB is deeply affected by the alarming number of LGBT Youth suicides in the news. Our hearts go out to all of the affected friends and families. Since its beginning, NMB has remained committed to raising awareness about LGBT youth suicide and other issues that affect youth.

As the only youth-led national queer rights organization, we particularly feel the loss of these youth — they are our peers and our friends. This is why we organize NMB branches in high schools and colleges. Students who wear Equality Rings in schools show their peers that they support LGBT equality. This small symbol of support means so much for questioning and closeted youth who are insecure about their identities. This ring shows these youth that we care.

We organize for full federal marriage equality because we believe that by legalizing same-sex marriage, youth across the country will see LGBT relationships recognized by their government and communities. This visibility and recognition is crucial for struggling youth. These relationships will provide positive examples of LGBT identities and relationships that will show youth that being LGBT is okay.

Now, more than ever, it’s important for you to get involved with NMB. Show your support for LGBT youth and marriage equality by setting up an NMB branch in your school or region or making a donation to our organization. Also, learn more about NMB’s youth LGBT suicide campaign, ‘Speak for the Forgotten’ and see what NMB is doing to address LGBT youth suicide. Finally, consider posting a video  for the ‘It Gets Better’ Campaign or the ‘Make it Better’ Campaign to show LGBTQ youth that they really do have a future.

After watching some of the videos from the It Gets Better Project, one will realize that the trauma young people suffer is not limited to one group, but is widespread. If you have gone though difficulties, and have a story to share, I encourage you go get involved, sign the pledge, and/or donate to this project.