Why are you trying to do that by yourself?

Sometimes, the true mark of a leader is knowing when to follow. We are taught from early on that leadership is to be valued and followership dismissed. We vote student body officers and make heroes out of historical figures based on their courageous acts, intuition, dedication and, you guessed it, leadership. While these characteristics are to be acknowledged - even celebrated, knowing how to let somebody take the lead when they are better suited is a sign of true leadership capabilities.

Letting go of control is always difficult, yet many times, is the right thing to do. Many companies have become irrelevant and fallen because the CEO doesn’t know when it’s time to hand responsibilities over to somebody who is more in tune with the current climate. Generals have lost battles because they commanded when they shouldn’t have. It can be difficult to think beyond yourself. Leading in a situation for which you are not qualified only exposes the fallacies that are inherent in every human being. Everybody has their strengths and weaknesses. True leaders know this and embrace it. When it is their time to lead, they lead. When it’s not, they select the best people for the job.

Stepping aside, whether temporary or permanent, doesn’t make you irrelevant. It makes you responsible for allowing the best course of action to take place. It makes you a hero.

Are you being the best leader you can be?