Marketing is not designed to cover up problems inherent in a business. As a marketer, I am often asked how to make a product or service sound better than it is so people will buy it. Why should I make something sound better than it is? People hate to be deceived. The first thing I ask is what can be done to make the product be better, not sound better. Today, people have options. If you don't want to run Windows, get a Mac. If you don't like the new "Apple", use a distribution of linux. If you don't provide the product or service the end user wants, somebody else will. In cases you have a product that somebody needs, but they either don't want it or understand why it's important (e.g. life insurance) the first thing that you need to do is build  a superior product and then educate your target market on the benefits of the service.

A weak product is the worst marketing and PR you can have, well, next to horrible customer service. Whether your product is, focus on making the best quality product possible with the end user in mind. Word of mouth advertising is much more effective than anything you can pay for. Once you have a product that you full ystand behind, ask me how we can work to get the word out.