“Only 2 percent of the world’s population receives a college education. If important ideas are going to spread widely, those who enjoy access must share their knowledge with the other 98 percent.” - David Bornstein & Susan Davis

I don’t believe a college degree is a prerequisite to developing important ideas, but I do believe that a college education helps facilitate important ideas. For those of us fortunate enough to have one, I think it is important to recognize the opportunity, take advantage of that opportunity, and use it to make positive impacts on those around you. When I first entered college, I was doing so because I was taught it was the key to unlocking a successful future: get a good job, make money, and retire. My experiences there taught me otherwise, and I’m grateful I had the opportunity. Thank you Southwestern University and the Dixon Scholarship program for funding my studies.

However, for every one of us who normally wouldn’t be able to attend college but was fortunate enough to do so, there are countless others who work just as hard, are just as smart, and are just as driven, but don’t end up with the chance to go. Programs like College Forward and others are helping underprivileged high school students plan for college by teaching them necessary skills, visiting colleges, and setting up interviews with current and former college students. What else can we do to help make the opportunity to experiences one of the world’s most prized institutions a reality for more people?