The following is a list I pulled straight from the appendix of Global Entrepreneurship: What Everyone Needs To Know, by David Bornstein and Susan Davis. The list is a great starting point for anybody who wants to be involved in social entrepreneurship or social causes. Please feel free to review, share, and become involved. If there are any broken links, let me know and I’ll update the URL. Also, as always, feel free to add any sources you may be aware of that aren’t here.

  1. Alltop’s Social Entrepreneurship coverage
  2. Catalyst Fund’s Social Business Blog
  3.’s Social Entrepreneurship Blog
  4. CSR Wire
  5. Dowser
  6. E-180
  7. Echoing Green
  8. Evan Carmichael
  9. Fast Company’s “Ethonomics”
  10. Global Voices Online
  11. Good Magazine
  12. Greenbiz
  13. Grist
  14. MIT Innovations
  15. Net Impact
  17. Ode Magazine
  18. Social Edge
  19. Social Enterprise Alliance
  20. Stanford Social Innovation Review
  21. Starting Bloc
  22. Treehugger green news
  23. University Network of Social Entrepreneurship
  24. World Changing
  25. Youth Social Entrepreneurs of Canada