It’s no secret that obesity is a major problem. Diabetes, heart disease, and other life-threatening ailments are occurring much more frequently as a result of of the increased prevalence of obesity. There are many root causes perpetuating the problem: lack of school funding leading school administrations to seek money from fast food restaurants and corporate sponsors, lack of physical activities, changes in tastes and preferences, the desire to eat more, lack of safe places to play, long workdays, etc.

To effectively fight obesity will take a combined effort among many disciplines as well as personal responsibility. Several states are trying to put in place a “soda tax” to thwart the consumption of beverages. I do feel that things need to be done to help educate the public about sodas and their place in an overall balanced diet, but I don’t think that taxing it is a way to solve the obesity problem. What do you think? Below are two articles about taxing sodas. One is for. One is against.