If there’s something that you are really bad at doing, why do it? Unless there is absolutely no way you can tap into the strengths of others, you will be much more effective if you focus on the things you do well and rely on others for the things you don’t.

Some people are natural strategic thinkers while others are naturally creative. If you don’t know how to use Adobe Illustrator, let somebody else design your logo. If you can’t count, you should probably let somebody else handle the books. In an organization, it’s more important to execute all aspects well than to exceed in one area and fail in all others.

I’m talking about activities and roles here, not talking about personal development, experience, and character. In this regard, I strongly feel that one should continuously work on developing both their strengths and weaknesses when it comes be being an asset to your organization or community. However, when it comes to getting things done, don’t be averse to collaborating in order to get things done right.