Energy is one of those commodities we often take for granted. Whether it comes from coal, oil, gas, wind, water, the sun, nanotechnology, fusion, fission, or some other source, we need it to power everything from the computer I’m using to type this blog post to the cells in our bodies that keep us functioning. Sadly, however, our appetite for energy has placed us in a situation where our consumption is far outpacing what our planet can sustain. There are many technologies in the works to relieve our dependency on fossil fuels, but most are still in early stages and years from deployment, or simply cannot provide the massive amounts of energy we need.

Yesterday, a friend of mine from Chile sent me a link to the video I’ve embedded above. It reminded me just how important it is to reduce our consumption and find an alternative source of energy. He wanted me to help spread the word outside of Chile, and so do I. All of our actions have global implications, and it’s important to understand what those implications are. Become informed and be part of the solution. I’ve included a couple links below. If you know of any others or want to sound off, please do so in the comments.

Salvemos Punta de Choros from Ladislao Palma on Vimeo.

Líderes de opinión filman spot contra termoeléctricas en Punta de Choros.

María Izquierdo, Ángela Contreras, Iván Guerrero, Gonzalo Feito, Juanita Parra, Nicole Perrot, Pato Fernández, Roberto “Rumpy” Artiagoitia, Amaya Forch, Ignacio Franzani y Camila Moreno.


Dirección, dirección de fotografía, montaje: Sebastián López y
Zahra Brown
Guión: Ladislao Palma, Lucas Zañartu y Raimundo Gómez
Director Creativo: Ladislao Palma
Productora general: Marcela Melej
Asistencia de Producción: Catalina Lecaros
Animación, postproducción, composición: Sebastián Platz.
Apoyo postproducción: Hector Capossiello, Luciano Muñoz Sessarego
Composición, mezcla y Postproducción de sonido: Benjamín Durán
Música original (guitarra, wawatubes, kalimba, api, voces): Carlos Del Río
Traducción Español Ingles: Felipe Grez, Irene Alvear
Colaboradores: Agustín González, Valentina Escutti, Francisco Ponce, Gabriel Roa, Lilian Ruiz, Cristóbal Díaz de Valdés

Imágenes de archivo: Documental Termoimpacto, Documental Chao Pescao, Claudia Pool.

Agradecimientos: Sebastián Ballek, Axel Meléndez





Chao Pescao