Three Important Questions To Ask Those Around You:


  1. What am I doing right?
  2. What am I doing wrong?
  3. What can I do to improve?


In this previous post I wrote about the importance of closing the feedback loop. Without open dialogue, forward progress is almost guaranteed to halt. Feedback is important in gaining valuable insights to discover how we can improve upon the things we are doing well and fix the things we aren’t. In the workplace, we normally receive an annual review that gives us this information, but once a year isn’t frequent enough to optimize performance. Also, because the review is normally performed by a superior, this review often neglects how your peers feel about your performance. Although most of us don’t want to hear about how we are doing unless it’s positive, an honest assessment is crucial in maintaining professional and personal growth.

One way you can make sure you are being a positive force in your professional and social circles is by asking for a quick evaluation. I wrote these questions in order to get a quick pulse on what the people around me thought of my work. Ask these questions to those above you, below you, and beside you to get a better view of the value you bring. It that it shows you care and want to be the best asset you can be to the people around you. But most importantly, it helps create a culture of openness, reflection, and respect.