#10. Beg For Followers

Begging for followers is one of the easiest ways to turn people off. Twitter is a community, be part of it. It’s not about quantity, it’s about quality.

#9. Randomly Jump In Conversations

If you’re going to hop in a conversation, please make sure that what you’re saying is relevant

#8. Follow Everyone

Twitter can be exciting when you first get introduced to it, but don’t go following everybody. It makes it look like you are just searching for others to follow you.

#7. Tweet Everything

We don’t need to know every move you make.

#6. Forget About Direct Messages

When a conversation only involves two people, why make the entire dialogue public? Sometimes it’s better to send a direct message.

#5. Auto-Tweet

Many social media outlets allow you to auto-tweet everything you do. Between Facebook, Wordpress, Myspace (Does anybody still use Myspace?), Tumblr, Picasa, Flickr, etc., your Twitter profile will quickly approach SPAM status.

#4. Initiate SPAM

Simply not cool

#3. Forward SPAM

Apple does not need your help testing a product that’s already been out a year. They have a huge research department that conducts market research BEFORE a product launches. Stop telling me about how you got a “FREE iPad!!!!” Real copywriters rarely use that many exclamation points when writing copy.

#2. Choose A Weak Password

Makes #4 and #3 easier for those who don’t practice social media etiquette.

#1. Be Fake

Just like in real life, it’s just weird, and people will figure you out.