Courtesy of the San Antonio Express-NewsYou know how, every now and then, you come across a person who just gets it? You can’t explain exactly why, but they just do. When I first met Sylvia Sitters, I immediately sensed she is one of those few people. Sitters is very involved within the community, an accomplished marketing strategist, and practicing intuitive healer.

After building a successful career in advertising, Sitters evaluated what she was doing with her life. Her realizations led to her leaving the field in order to build the successful business Equisol, in which she works with people and animals to promote holistic health and living.

In continuing sharing stories that change lives, I feel honored to showcase Sylvia’s story here on Menrva Labs. She serves as an example of what a person can accomplish when they use their skills and passion to do what they know is right. Sitters risked prosperity, prestige, and security to stand alone in a world that values wealth and status.

Sylvia, thank you for taking the time to sit down with me to share your inspirational story. People like you encourage the rest of us to fulfill our potential. Thank you for having the courage to be you. Thank you for not compromising.

Contact Info:

Sylvia Chavez Sitters LMT
Intuitive Healer/Equine Therapist